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Ocean transportation, Air transportation, Inland transportation, Belt and Road Railway Transportatio

1. Ocean Transportation

Container transportation, including specific cargo containers, is the core business of Eurasia. We provide door to door cargo shipping service with our powerful global representative network in Asia and Europe. We have prominent advantages in this aspect especially in North America, Europe (including southeast Europe), central Asia , West Africa, etc.


2. Air Transportation

Airlift is applied to the transportation of high value goods and urgent cargoes. Eurasia fully understands that speed, economy, accuracy and safety are the lifeline for air cargoes. Our airlift specialists cooperate closely with various airline companies and respond quickly to our clients requirements.  Meanwhile, taking advantage of years of experience in air service, our specialists can work out practical transportation schemes to ensure timely storage, smooth delivery and clearance of goods at the destination port.


3. Overseas Land Transportation

We provide professional door to door land transportation service all across America and Canada, Europe (especially southeast Europe), central Asia, India, Iraq, Turkey and other regions of Asia.


4. Railway Transportation

In active response to President Xis Belt and Road strategy, we provide professional railway container transportation service from China to Europe, central Asia, Mongolia and Russia, which includes international export-import container transportation, multimodal transportation, railway transportation, storage, stevedoring and delivery.


Strength: faster than ocean transportation; less expensive than air transportation

Current block trains: China-Europe, China-Russia, China-Central Asia